Eurovision Song Contest 1981 Review

It’s back to Dublin for 1981, exactly one decade after the show was last held here (in 1971, if you don’t remember). Morocco left after their trial last year, but so did Italy since Eurovision just isn’t that popular there. On the other hand, Yugoslavia and Israel returned and we got a new debut from Cyprus. This means we have a total of 20 participants, tying the previous record, but not breaking it.

Eurovision Song Contest 1980 Review

For the first time in Eurovision history, welcome to a contest that doesn’t have an entry by the previous winner. Israel refused to host due to financial issues, then Eurovision was scheduled during a holiday, which meant they withdrew entirely. Instead, it’s back to The Hague for round two. We have a very special appearance from Morocco this year, as well as a Turkish return. Monaco withdrew for good though, which leaves us with 19 total participants.

Eurovision Song Contest 1979 Review

Welcome to Jerusalem. Turkey got pressured by Arab states to withdraw, leaving us with 19 countries in the running. This is also Monaco’s last attendance until the next century, so let’s see if their send-off is good.

Eurovision Song Contest 1978 Review

Guess who’s back, back again. Denmark’s back, tell a friend. Sorry, I really wanted to do this joke. But yeah, Denmark is finally back. And so is Turkey. Surprisingly, nobody withdrew, bringin us up to a historical high of 20 countries participating. Yes, 20, crazy numbers, I know. I wonder if Eurovision will ever exceed this number.

Eurovision Song Contest 1977 Review

Welcome to London, again. We’re back to being hosted by the BBC, so you know this contest will be smooth and simple. Sweden returned (and will never skip again), but Yugoslavia withdrew for the next four years. This leaves us with 18 participants for the millionth time, which is a number I’m getting tired of.

Eurovision Song Contest 1976 Review

And it’s back to the Netherlands for us. Austria decided to come back and so did Greece, which caused Turkey to withdraw. Malta withdrew as well and wouldn’t come back until 1991, but Sweden withdrew as well because they couldn’t afford to host if they won again (talk about hubris, huh). This left us with the ever-so-popular 18 countries in the contest.

Eurovision Song Contest 1975 Review

And here we have one of many years hosted in Sweden, which we’ll revisit several times in the next few decades. France and Malta returned and we have a new debutant - Turkey. Sadly, Greece skipped this year, but this still means a record 19 countries took part this year.

Eurovision Song Contest 1974 Review

Welcome to 1974, another year hosted in the UK - Brighton to be specific. This year is mainly known because ABBA competed, but I think that’s unfair because there were other songs too, yet everyone forgets about those. For example, Greece debuted this year, which would’ve brought the number of participants back to 18 if France didn’t withdraw at the last minute because of the death of their president.

Eurovision Song Contest 1973 Review

And it’s back to Luxembourg for the second-to-last time. Malta decided to withdraw as they couldn’t afford to participate and Austria decided to skip out just cause. Luckily, we were joined by Israel, which left us with just 17 countries and a rather inelegant jury voting sequence. Countries were also allowed to sing in any language, which a lot of them put to use immediately.

Eurovision Song Contest 1972 Review

Woooo, Edinburg. Since Monaco couldn’t host Eurovision (and they tried to), the BBC hosted it on their behalf (as they usually did back then). No changes in the makeup from the previous year, same 18 countries are taking part.