Eurovision Song Contest 1963 Review

And we’re back in London. France didn’t want to host for the third time, so the BBC hosted on their behalf. Once again, we’re joined by the same set of countries as last year, making it the third year in a row with no additions or withdrawals.

Eurovision Song Contest 1962 Review

We’re off to Luxembourg, which is the smallest country to have ever hosted Eurovision (Monaco won in 1971, but the UK hosted in 1972). No changes in the lineup, nobody new joined or withdrew, for the first time in the contest’s history. Our host is Mireille Delannoy, who welcomes every participating country in their language, which is always something I’ll approve of.

Eurovision Song Contest 1961 Review

We’re once again back in Cannes, still hosted by Jacqueline Joubert. The stage got a bit of a downgrade in my opinion, we don’t get the fun revolving carousels this time. We’re joined by three new countries, giving us 16 participants this year.

Eurovision Song Contest 1960 Review

Welcome to the new decade. Norway joins, Luxembourg returns and the UK hosts despite not winning the previous year, which will become a bit of a trend during the 60s and 70s (and 2023).

Eurovision Song Contest 1959 Review

And we’re on to 1959 - the UK comes back and never misses a contest ever again and places second, Monaco joins, Luxembourg skips the year.

Eurovision Song Contest 1958 Review

Let’s go back to Eurovision 1958 - the final contest without any songs in English.

Eurovision Song Contest 1957 Review

And it’s on to 1957, the first contest which we have a full recording of.

Eurovision Song Contest 1956 Review

Hi, I decided to write my own reviews of every Eurovision year. My musical knowledge is rather amateurish, so everything’s going to be analysed based on how it makes me feel.